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Are You Currently Getting Any? I Really Don’t Mind Having Less Intercourse Than My Buddies

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Are You Currently Getting Any? I Really Don’t Mind Having Less Intercourse Than My Buddies

Juan prefer to venture out dancing than have actually ‘awkward’ casual intercourse.

All pictures by Tristan Bejawn.

Welcome to Are You Currently Getting Any? A column that asks a generation rumoured to not ever screw when they in fact bang.

JUAN, 21

Quality of intercourse general: 6/10Frequency of intercourse: 4/10Intimacy levels: 7/10How can you feel generally speaking concerning the individuals you bang: 9/10How happy are you currently using the timeframe you have got for intercourse: 8/10

VICE: Hi Juan. Therefore, among the first things you thought to me personally ended up being that you trust certainly one of our past interviewees whom does not enjoy casual intercourse. Let me know more about that. Juan: I became really dealing with it with my buddies this morning. Personally I think like, to possess good intercourse, you will need to understand the other individual. Therefore, it is a weird thing, like, this really isn’t likely to get anywhere and also you aren’t likely to place that much work involved with it.

Just What can you suggest? You’re maybe maybe perhaps not likely to talk about intercourse together with them whenever you’re here as it’s awkward.

Therefore, you do not have casual sex? I have actually a couple of times. It wasn’t just like a one-night-stand because I currently knew them and We nevertheless speak to them. But the intercourse simply ended up beingn’t good.

It ended up beingn’t good. Does that suggest it had been earnestly bad? Yeah, it absolutely was bad! Nobody completed. It had been simply, like, actually embarrassing for everybody.

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