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Kiteboarding Upwind

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Foil kites are also mostly material ( ripstop nylon ) with air flow pockets (air cells) to provide this with topkiteschools lift and a fixed bridle to maintain the kite’s arc-shape, comparable to a paraglider Foil kites possess the advantage of not needing to have bladders manually inflated, a process which, by having an LEI, can take up to ten mins. Foil kites are designed with either a or closed cell configuration.

Clearance Rule – A kiter while jumping must have a clear security zone of at least 50m downwind because they will move downwind throughout the jump. A rider must also possess a clear safety zone of 30m upwind to jump as their lines could touch the kite or the lines of another driver kiteboarding close by (see Kite Higher rule). It’s important to also consider possible hazards downwind and crosswind from the rider such as people, buildings, trees and shrubs and other fixed obstacles. Because of the measurement rule a jumper never has got the right of way.

Zenith the location within the wind window directly over the kiter’s head. This is the neutral position exactly where kitesurfers can place the kite to prevent moving or prior to movement. This particular places the kite in a more susceptible to “Hindenburgs” position than any other.

For example, a user riding towards the beach goes up the kite to slow this down and convert traction in to lift. Then, instead of speed he or she feels an increase of the force up-wards, necessary to keep himself above the particular breaking waves.