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Valorant Viper guide – 24 tricks and tips every Viper player should be aware

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Valorant Viper guide – 24 tricks and tips every Viper player should be aware

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fifth May 2020 / 9:24AM

Viper sets herself in addition to the other Valorant agents in a few methods. From her give attention to area control and damage-over-time to her reliance on gas to power her abilities, there’s too much to put your mind around should you want to master this agent that is particular. But our Valorant Viper guide is a place that is great start, supplying many practical methods for all of her four life-threatening abilities.

Valorant Viper guide

Viper abilities overview

Before we have stuck in to the tips that are detailed every one of Viper’s abilities, let’s ensure we’re all clear about what these abilities really do:

Now let’s discuss exactly how we may use Viper’s abilities in intriguing and effective how to influence the map as well as the match in particular.

Viper tips Toxic that is– Screen

  1. The type of Toxic Screen can extend a distance that is surprisingly long almost the total diameter of one’s sound group from the minimap.
  2. Similar to Phoenix’s Blaze, Toxic Screen works via line-of-sight using the ground – this means you’ll fire it in to the air and over structures to far make it stretch further than pointing and shooting at a wall surface.
  3. Utilize the minimap to obtain the keeping of your Toxic Screen perfectly. The line marker that appears on the minimap will adjust dynamically centered on where you’re pointing it, to help you make use of this to see just how far it will probably extend and where it’s going to secure.
  4. Keep in mind it requires a brief moment after activation prior to the Toxic Screen really rises through the canisters, so don’t immediately duck away from cover upon striking the power switch. Hold back until type of sight is fully obstructed.
  5. The significant reach of Toxic Screen offers Viper a surprising level of international map control. You are able to impact websites apart from your own personal by firing over rooftops.
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