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The 650-Cent Plague

The 650-Cent Plague

Event review: Craving for New Photos, Berlin

Whenever there’s an exhibition with a (sub)title like “From Broadsheet to Comic Strip”, issue when it comes to aficionado that is comic: exactly how much comics can there be actually? As a brief history museum, the purpose of the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) is always to show just how printed pictures changed just how some ideas are communicated (with a consider sensational news, propaganda, and training, the 3 parts when the event is organised). Hence the displays period from belated medieval woodcuts to provide time governmental cartoons, and this type of time that is wide actually leaves small space for comics, needless to say. (There’s also a marked but neither exclusive nor emphasis that is explicit Germany. )

Nevertheless, some things on display are noteworthy in this context. The earliest are broadsheet photo tales through the century that is mid-nineteenth possibly not exactly comics yet, but see Andreas Platthaus’s analysis of 1 of those in the opening message that was additionally posted in English.

Close to them we now have a tiny part of early US newsprint comic strips (shown as facsimiles), and within it there’s the highlight associated with the entire show: two Katzenjammer children episodes, translated into German and posted in Lustige Blatter des Morgen-Journals in 1905 and 1908 (! ), correspondingly.

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