Monday, May 28, 2007 A not so simple project …

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Monday, May 28, 2007 A not so simple project …

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Monday, May 28, 2007 A not so simple project … The Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos, according Liberation is facing a puzzle: you have him by the end of June to develop a device "softening" the school board, which would allow 10% to 20% of parents choose the institution for their children as from September 2007. with a goal to remove, within a year or two, the school board and to and a school more "fair" to "get more social diversity by other means." The problem is that experts are largely skeptical and that the French are mostly in favor of maintaining the school map. According to the poll by Ifop for Sunday Ouest France 54% of French are in fact in favor of maintaining the school board, that a child is attached to the school depending on where they live . 71% of respondents believe that it ensures the mix. But 56% of respondents also believe that not being able to choose its establishment is a bad thing. 74% of interogees also believe that many families manage to bypass the school board today. As for the experts, one must read the interview with Bernard Toulemonde, the issue of a specialist in this AFP.Celui dispatch said that "several ministers then wanted to attack the school map", but they soon abandoned the idea of ??fundamental reform, for financial reasons and still current. For example, choosing his college entails redevelopment and financing, "a college that will be great demand because of the desectorisation will do work or provide school transport," explains Mr. Toulemonde. Furthermore, as recalled this dispatch; sectorization no longer falls within the state but general guidance for colleges since 2004. So decentralization law if a department refuses desectoriser, the authorities can not compel it says B.Toulemonde. West France in its Saturday edition reported on a study conducted on the occasion of the Defense Preparation Call days that show that one in five encounter reading difficulties. All are similar. Of the 800 000 young people tested, 9.6% have limited achievements, and 11.7% are in trouble, including 6.9% in big trouble. Eight out of ten young people who have difficulty in reading has not exceeded the college or attended a short vocational education. The failure rate is higher among boys (14.8%) than girls (8.5%). Other studies show that 15% of students entering sixth have great difficulty reading and understanding. Only 30% are effective readers. The rest, 55%, read well, but not quickly enough because they do not control the automatic decoding, or encounter difficulties understanding. With the drama of Ajaccio, it is as if newspapers were rediscovering adolescence. Yet four years ago, the Minister for School Education, Xavier Darcos, said that every year in France, there were 60 suicides of children 10 to 14 years and 600 suicides among 15-19. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds in France, after the road accident ,. All newspapers have, on this issue, an interview with a child psychiatrist or a psychoanalyst. A report of the interview Michael Stora in 20 minutes ,, this psychologist for children and adolescents, working for a month as a consultant for Twitter, to identify and prevent calls for help broadcast on teenage blogs. It analyzes the phenomenon and allows to relativize the importance. Good reading… ——————————————— – corrected 28/05/07 Liberation school map by Darcos before summer Minister intends to "soften" a device it deems unsuitable. Read more of the article thousand ways around Divorced choose their ‘best’ address to enroll their child in a "good" college. Sometimes it takes up residence in the small grandparents. The more farsighted moved before the sixth to be in a "good" neighborhood. The "poorest" bought a good room: thanks to the bills, their child will go in the posh college corner. Others ask for rare languages ??or music option. To counter the maneuver, in Paris, was introduced European sections in popular neighborhoods: 15% of students entering sixth have an exemption. A record More Questions section around two defenestration in Ajaccio, two schoolgirls tried to kill himself Thursday night. Investigators working on the assumption of a "concerted suicide." Read more of the article Acting out: the sad European record Among young people, the suicide rate is related to the existence or not of a public prevention policy. Read more of the article "The most worrying is the training effect" Serge Hefez psychiatrist specializing in adolescence, explains the sacrificial aspect of suicide Read more of the article Beside youth listening pays off in ten years, the number of teenagers who committed suicide in France fell by 36%. Read more of the article practices that concern the Ministry scarf Game, suffocation or assaults … These morbid behavior multiply. Read more of the article Claude Liauzu, the "positive role" of a historian Claude Liauzu died May 23 in his sleep. His last fight has been the petition against the creation by Nicolas Sarkozy, a ministry whose title combines "immigration" and "national identity". […] It is also Claude Liauzu, alerted by one of its thesardes, which had mobilized opinion against the vote by the Assembly of Article 4 of the law of 23 February 2005 advocating the teaching of the "positive role of the French presence overseas". Read more of the article Portrait: They make the difference Sophie Roth, 30, and Majid Kabdani, 38, sports teacher and musician, built an innovative entertainment network for autistic children. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 28/05/07 suicide attempts in Corsica: the worrying contagion Following the passage to the act of two schoolgirls in Ajaccio, a twelve year old girl was rescued yesterday when she had stepping over the window of his home. Read more of the article morbid challenges favored by blogging pacts among adolescents remain rare, but psychiatrists noted an increase in risk behavior Read more of the article a Corsican teen was followed by The Judge state of "fragility" of the schoolgirl 15 years had justified an educational measure. The prosecution had been alerted by the medical services there a month. Read more of the article Consensus university autonomy, but competition worries the unions and Francois Fillon Valerie Pecresse have announced this week: the reform of university autonomy is one of the priorities of the government. Passed in the month of July, she will definitely university reform the largest since 1984. That year, the Savary law posed by the current political and administrative organization of universities: the maintenance of a centralized management limit their emancipation included in this law. The debate on university autonomy but never stopped for four years, several official reports favor greater autonomy have been revealed, such as the Plan of the General Inspectorate of Education or to the Court of Auditors. The spirits seem ripe in academia for reform, despite concerns raised by students unions. […] remains the question of financing of French universities, under-equipped compared to other OECD countries. According to the ECA in 2006, desirable reforms, the implementation of a results culture and the emergence of a more responsible governance, however, will produce "not all the desired effects without a collective investment in Higher Education ". Nicolas Sarkozy promised an increase in the Higher Education budget. Another track, financial autonomy would ease a rapprochement between universities and enterprises, including improving the collection of the apprenticeship tax. These can also be solicited to facilitate the financing of professorships by enterprises and the use of public-private partnerships, still very rare in France. The question of a modulation of the registration fee remains meanwhile taboo. The path of restoring the reputation of French universities is still long. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 28/05/07 (a day late) 2000 already distributed school bags delivery of school bags, purchased with the support of readers of humanity, began in the camps of Lebanon and led to scenes joy. Read more of the article Why and how to read the letter of Guy Moquet? By Philippe Meirieu, professor at the University Lumiere Lyon II When a candidate, as part of a campaign rally, says he wants liquidate the heritage of May 1968 and "restore the authority," it is normal that we can express her fears and even that evokes the past excesses of all "points of order". However, when a President-elect of the Republic who has just taken office decided to read all the students of France the letter written by Guy Moquet to his parents in 1941, on the eve of his execution, one can only welcome the symbolic gesture. […] This is to help students understand that the fight for democracy and dignity of men is not an outdated fight, that civilization is still fragile, the planet is threatened in many dictatorships and the commitment to freedom is not only an object of commemoration. It must celebrations. It takes symbolic acts. But do not they exempt us from a deep reflection and daily citizen vigilance. Read more of the article The hidden face of the draft Fillon Prime Minister presented the autonomy of universities as an essential reform. It will take the form of a law passed in July. Read more of the article "The risk of exacerbating inequalities" Lecturer at the University of Angers and member of SNESUP Francois Lucas fears the negative effects of increased autonomy. Read more of the article Academics have their ailments to say school presidents, student unions and teachers prepare for higher education Assizes. One way not to leave the field to the government alone. Read more of the article Strasbourg University Version XXL The merger of the three institutions of the Alsatian capital scheduled for 1 January 2009. Read more of the article Drama teen Ajaccio After the suicide attempt two girls in Corsica, decryption this malaise teenager with the psychologist Maryse Vaillant. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 28/05/07 (paying) the terrible pact morbid teenage After the attempted suicide two schoolgirls who defenestrees Thursday night in Ajaccio, investigators are looking into whether other students are still involved in this terrible disease challenge. Adolescent girls are still in intensive care More Article Two girls prey to unhappiness CHRISTINE and Florence are two teenage girls to common paths. Both are true Corsican surnames and are children of the small bourgeoisie of Ajaccio. Both claim to love the music of their island without forgetting the "varieties". Read more of the article "With blogs, death can become a game" MICHEL Lejoyeux, professor of psychiatry at the Bichat Hospital in Paris Read article Misunderstanding the Bonaparte college TERRACE cluttered kitchen the family apartment, Rajat B., 14, seen on the right frail white balustrade spanned by Florence Thursday night before crashing 8 m lower in Napoleon during the small courtyard in the city center. This is where Florence was seen a few minutes earlier by other mothers trying to "do the hundred steps" on that balcony as if she hesitated before deciding to switch into space. Long, Rajat and Florence, these two friends, have crossed to school before you share the same classes. Read more of the article From dramatic Precedents four years ago, the Minister for School Education, Xavier Darcos, said that every year in France, there were 60 suicides of children 10 to 14 years and 600 suicides among 15-19 year olds. According to the latest figures from Inserm, 21 suicides of children under 15 years were recorded in 2004 and 621 youth suicides from 15 to 25 years, this latest report indicating a 36% decrease since 1993. Several teens have ended their days in France after a "suicide pact" as tried to do Thursday in Ajaccio, two classmates of 14 and 15, by defenestrant. Read more of the article Review on the internet! TWO WEEKS of the test philosophy that will launch the ferry in 2007, high school students have "it" in mind: to revise, … Read More Article ———– ————————————- the Cross of Nothing seen … 28/05/07 ————————————————- 20 minutes of 28/05/07 "It’s giving too much importance to a blog than to say that it could be the cause of suicide" Michael Stora, psychologist for children and adolescents, working for a month as a consultant to Twitter, to identify and prevent calls for help broadcast on teenage blogs. Interview. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro
(Paris) from 28/05/07 teenage defenestrees: A "distress act circumscribed" the classmates of the two Corsican teen hospitalized after suicide attempt Thursday all testified to investigators that it was an "isolated initiative between the two girls," did we learned Saturday from the prosecutor of Ajaccio, Jose Thorel. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 28/05/07 Nothing seen … ——————————— ————— West of France 28/05/07 at 17, one in five has trouble reading this that reveal the assessments for the day of call for defense preparation. Fanny’s explanations Hague, study co-author Read more of the article ——————————- —————— Le Monde 28/05/07 Xavier Darcos invokes social diversity to justify the removal of the school map How to move from a campaign promise to a realization when the subject is both politically sensitive and technically complex? This is, among other difficult tasks, that of the Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos, who has repeatedly stated in recent days, its willingness to "phase out the school map" (the principle that a child is registered in a facility depending on where they live) "from the next school year." The minister will really make his intentions known only after receiving the green light from Matignon, namely its engagement letter he was waiting for the start of this week, and after having completed, Tuesday, May 29, its first round of consultations with teachers’ unions. Meanwhile, a visit to the other, he devoted himself mainly to reaffirm the presidential promise while trying to reassure. This is what he done, Saturday, May 26: speaking in Montpellier (Herald) before the 61st Congress of the Federation of Parents’ Councils (FCPE), he said the aim was " a redefinition of our social mix of instruments. " Read more of the article "suicide pact" is typical of adolescents between 14 and 16 years, according to Clemence and Noemie psychiatrists, 14 and 15, died January 25, 2005, in northern France, for jumped off a cliff after a pact sealed on the Internet; Marion and Virginie, 14, died September 23, 2005, in the Val-de-Marne, after being thrown together from the 17th floor of their building … this macabre scenario, the "suicide pact", is typical of adolescents 14-16 years. This is the age at which a girl "with her best friend as a narcissistic family, for better or for worse," the psychiatrist Xavier Pommereau (Abadie center, CHU de Bordeaux). What do not the boys, less fusional and more readily into strips. Read more of the article schoolgirls who defenestrees would not elaborate scenario Monday, May 28 in the early morning, the two girls who had Ajacciennes defenestrees their respective homes in the evening of Thursday, May 24 were still in intensive care at the Mercy hospital in Ajaccio. According to the prefecture of Corsica, the eldest, who was operated on several fractures, is no longer in danger. However, doctors still book their prognosis for the younger, although his condition seemed to improve as the days. This weekend, Florence and Christine, aged 14 and 15 years, were able to talk a few moments with loved ones. If the health status of two schoolgirls remains uncertain, the circumstances of the tragedy, they, become clearer. After hearing their parents and their friends, the police are convinced that there has never been a well-developed scenario between the two victims. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 28/05/07 suicide, 2nd cause of death among 15-24 year olds some data on suicides among young people in France, after the attempted joint suicide two schoolgirls in Corsica More Article concerted suicides of teenagers in France Several teenagers have ended their days in France after a "suicide pact" as tried to do Thursday in Ajaccio, two classmates of 14 and 15, by defenestrant Read following Article —————————————- Express. fr 28/05/07 suicide teenager: the testimony of a mother Thursday, May 24, two friends of 14 and 15 have tried to commit suicide in Ajaccio. One of their classmates would have imitated Friday. Agnes Favre, whose daughter Sarah ended his days in 1996, discusses the circumstances that lead a teenager to such a desperate act, individually or in groups Read more of the article ——– ————————————————– – a selection from the dispatches 28/05/07 the removal of the school map, a project not so simple removing the school map, desired by the Education Minister Xavier Darcos, inspired perplexity and mistrust to parents of students and specialists of Education meeting at the Congress of the CIPF in Montpellier, because in practice many obstacles to get there. Read more of the article Darcos tries to reassure the parents of the CIPF on the school board’s Education Minister Xavier Darcos who wants to phase out the school map "from the next academic year", tried Saturday to reassure parents of the CIPF congress in Montpellier, very angry against this project. Read more of the article Pecresse: the project on university autonomy is "politically mature" Minister of Higher Education and Research Valerie Pecresse said in an interview with Journal du Dimanche (JDD) to be published on Sunday that the project on university autonomy is "politically mature". Read more of the article End of CIPF Congress: "go beyond the resistance," according to its president Faride Hamana, president of the CIPF, first federation of parents, called on Monday in his closing speech of 61th Congress Montpellier to "go beyond the resistance" to preserve, to the government, "secularism and the public education service." Read more of the article University Act: Valerie Pecresse announced the start of the consultation the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Valerie Pecresse, announced Monday the launch of the consultation on the future bill on university autonomy, which will be on the menu for the special session of Parliament this summer. Read more of the article Xavier Bertrand promises "status" for trainees Labor Minister Xavier Bertrand announced on Monday that he would build a "status for trainees" to avoid they make " the work of an employee, but without cover or compensation. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Monday, May 28, 2007

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